Call for Contributions: Professor Burnout

I’m writing a book on burnout! Exciting!

OK, so not a topic many of us want to talk about, but we need to talk about it now before it happens to more of us. I’ve been through clinical burnout and didn’t know where to turn for advice or support, fearing it would reflect badly on my position at my institution and in my discipline. This book will be the resource I wish I’d had.

I’m seeking abstracts for possible contributions in two areas:

  1. mini-chapter proposals from faculty developers, coaches, etc, who work with faculty experiencing, on the way to, or recovering from burnout. Mini-chapters would summarize as aspect for burnout and offer specific strategies for dealing with it.
  2. personal stories from grad students and faculty members of all levels, ranks, employment status, etc. These contributions will be personal stories rather than research-based chapters, stories that can be included (blinded and composited as much as you would like) in the different chapters as touch-points for readers looking for themselves in others.

Learn more about the book proposal and submission process here! I’m happy to answer any questions or discuss ideas before the June 30th deadline as well.

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