Agile Faculty on Research in Action Podcast

I’m excited to have had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Katie Linder on the Oregon State University E-Campus’s Research in Action podcast recently. Learn all about Agile Faculty as an approach to faculty work as Katie and I talk about the relationship between Agile and Scrum, how to use backlogs and sprints, and the joy of Scrum boards. There’s also a bonus clip about using a Scrum board as a teaching tool to improve group projects (and collect great data about student learning and metacognition).

Check out the episode here, and you can download it from iTunes and SoundCloud! Tons of other excellent episodes to check out as well; this podcast is a great resource.

Dr. Linder also has another wonderful podcast for academics called You’ve Got This, full of tips, tricks, motivation strategies, and real talk about faculty life. Short episodes are perfect for a quick commute or trip to the store.

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