Book Club: 2018 Reading Challenge

I read all the time. I always have. I almost always have a book with me in case of found time, and my monthly book buy puts a dent in my fun money every month (totally worth it). Like any big reader, my shopping cart is bigger than my available time, so I find myself with many fascinating books on my shelves (which I had built-in to my home office four year ago and which regularly overflow and demand rearranging).

So in 2018, I’m going to shop my shelves as much as possible before I click “purchase” and add to Amazon profits. I scoured my shelves and made a list of the found books I can read this year before buying new ones*. Here’s my list (yes, I like to play with colored Sharpies):

My shelves are definitely bountiful with lots of great reads in areas I care about like design and creativity, professional development, higher education, intra- and solo-preneurship. I confess the last two are in still in my shopping cart, but they sound awesome. Right now, I’m reading Jenny Blake’s Pivot and Dominica Degrandis’ Making Work Visible, while working through the short advice essays in Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors. Look for Agile Faculty Book Club reviews soon!

*I will be getting nine new professional development books this year as part of Adam Grant, Susan Cain, Dan Pink, and Malcolm Gladwell’s 2018 The Next Big Idea book club. I’m looking forward to reading the books they select, meeting quarterly with my reading group to discuss, and interacting with these thought leaders and other readers in the club online community. Care to join me?

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