Is Scrum Only for Software Development?

No! Agile Faculty explores how to adapt the values, framework, and strategies of Scrum to all aspects of faculty work. Scrum is popping up all over the place, moving from software into a variety of industries ranging from publishing, marketing, research and development, and non-profits. This Tech Republic article provides quick case studies of how Agile is being used by non-technical teams, and this article on the OpenView company blog discusses how Scrum can help and be adapted by non-technical teams as well. And this McKinsey report looks specifically at how Scrum can be adapted by marketing organizations; how they suggest adapting the Scrum team structure is particularly interesting.

Scrum is also making its way into education spaces like those I discuss in Agile Faculty. Computing sciences and engineering programs have been teach Agile and Scrum for quite a while, but more recently, some of the biggest inroads for the framework are in K-12 education.

  • Agile coach and consultant John Miller founded Agile Classrooms to train teachers to use Scrum with their elementary and middle grades students, with pretty interesting results.
  • Scrum trainer and entrepreneur Michael Vizdos has also started a community project to bring Scrum into schools; his simple website provides some good case studies of this work.
  • The Agile Learning Centers program is setting up alternative schools around the US.
  • And perhaps the most well-established and compelling of these initiatives, eduScrum, was founded in the Netherlands and has spread over Europe and the United States.

All of these people and programs are dedicated to bringing the Agile growth mindset and focus on doing small things completely to complete large projects later to disrupt education today. Their results so far have been inspiring.

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