Worksheet Wednesday – SOAR Reflection and Planning

Why SWOT when you can SOAR?

As we head into 2020, we have a lot to reflect on. Honestly, I’ve been kinda dreading the end of the calendar year because the end of 2018 was really hard personally and professionally. 2019 was difficult in its own way but also empowering, exciting, spontaneous, and life-changing.

Since my life took a very interesting and unexpected turn in 2019 – overcoming burnout, moving to Atlanta, working in faculty development full-time at Georgia Tech, finding joy in my work again – I don’t want to revisit goals I may have set for myself then because I’m a different person now. And I think my only goals were to overcome burnout and reclaim professional joy, so…mission accomplished!

If you took any kind of management course, you are likely familiar with a SWOT analysis – a diagnostic tool used to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company or product. It’s a good capitalist tool for reflection, but it’s also really negative.

So this month, I’m introducing the SOAR analysis as a way to both reflect on 2019 and look forward to 2020 without planning out concrete, task-by-task goals for the year. Personally, whenever I write goals for my year or summer, they are always work-based and often unrealistic. Since quite a bit in my life has changed, I want to share a way to celebrate those changes and get excited about new possibilities.

I did a post on the SOAR analysis this summer, so check out that post. I’ll post the worksheet next Wednesday.

Until then, start thinking about the opportunities that came your way in 2019, how you contributed to the world, how you took care of yourself and others, and how you celebrated the wins, large and small. You can share with other Agile Faculty on Twitter by tagging me at @RPR_Agile and using the hastags #WorksheetWednesday and #AgileFaculty.

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