Introducing Worksheet Wednesdays!

So because I love nothing better than a good worksheet, Agile Faculty, I’m declaring every Wednesday Worksheet Wednesday!

Hello, Agile Faculty! How are you doing so far this fall? The new academic year often starts with excitement, stress, a few butterflies before new classes, and a lot of trying to effectively juggle all the balls you have in the air. In my new role at the Georgia Tech Center for Teaching and Learning, I’ve found it interesting to watch that from the other side.

So far in my new role, I’m working with two faculty groups and a group of grad students who are doing their first teaching experiences. I’ve enjoyed pulling materials together to discuss different teaching and learning concepts in these groups and have been reminded how much I love making worksheets for every activity and occasion – not just a handout, but worksheets that help us to play with and think through concepts, brainstorm ways to approach writing and research tasks, and think differently about intentions and actions – I think making worksheets for active learning is one of my “superpowers”!

So because I love nothing better than a good worksheet, Agile Faculty, I’m declaring every Wednesday Worksheet Wednesday! The second Wednesday of every month I’ll post a new worksheet based on something I’m working on or thinking about that month. You can use these worksheets to extend the content and strategies in Agile Faculty, the book, to think about your goals and values, teaching strategies, research progress, course and assignment design, and transitions.

Set a reminder on your calendar to check the blog every Wednesday at noon to make sure you are the first to see the new worksheets. Here’s the schedule for monthly posts:

  • Week 1 – an intro to the theme of the month and teaser about the worksheet to come
  • Week 2 – the worksheet!
  • Week 3 – a short video of me talking through the worksheet and filling it out myself.
  • Week 4 – extra resources based on the worksheet and theme

Consider this post the teaser for the first worksheet to be released on Wednesday. What’s the theme? I’ve been thinking a lot about one of my favorite topics – designing good group projects – as I work with my faculty groups. October is often a time we start to think about projects for the second half of the semester. Agile Faculty offers some in-depth strategies for designing collaborative projects – and this month’s worksheet builds on that…

See you on Wednesday!

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