Favorite Tools – The Noun Project

I love icons. Such handy little communication tools – less cheesy than emoticons but can still convey a lot of information in just a few drawn lines.

If you are regular Agile Faculty blog reader, you see my use of icons regularly in the featured images for each post and sometimes in the posts themselves. I use them mostly to tag to blog post categories, but it evolves as categories change – I recently added a summer icon as a featured image as well.

I use Noun Project exclusively for my icons*. The site is easy to use and fun to explore. Designers post their icon designs on the site and are paid for the downloads or the attribution. I pay for the pro version because you can download as many icons as you want into different colors without attribution. The free version is still great, but you’ll need to include the attribution for the designer whenever you use it (which the designers deserve!).

It’s also just fun to type words into the search and see what comes out. Here are three of my favorite wacky ones – what’s your guess for what they represent?

(*This is not a paid advertisement/endorsement for Noun Project; I just really like the site.)


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