I’m Back!

Hello, Agile Faculty readers. I would say welcome back, but it’s really me who is coming back. The blog has been dormant since early fall 2018 – I had to deal with the type of life stuff that sneaks up and surprises you, and it’s taken a while to get back to a place where I can feel agile again. But I’ve made some changes (including the red hair) and spend a lot of time on personal growth and

So, the blog will be back up and running regularly now. Expect more discussions of the values and strategies associated with using Scrum to be agile, more book reviews and reading suggestions, more peaks inside my own process of co-editing  journal special issue and writing a book proposal, and other tips and tricks to stay Agile.

Be sure to add the blog to your RSS feed option to you get every new post as soon as it launches!

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