Sprint Weeks

Are you ready to focus on your projects goals and accomplish more than you thought possible in one week? Or are you looking for something to give you accountability to your goals and a period of time to really focus on your current project?

Then summer Sprint Weeks are for you. 

What’s a sprint? A sprint is a one-week “time box” during which you define a specific, small, achievable goal, focus on that goal with daily accountability, and reflect on your progress and process.

What can you expect during a monthly writing sprint? During a sprint, you will first choose your writing or project goal and create a plan for achieving that goal. During the week, you will work on your goal with very brief daily check-ins. And finally, at the end of the week, you’ll celebrate your accomplishment and review your process to make refinements so you can continue to achieve your writing or project goals.

What’s the time commitment? Because sprints are for accountability, you will choose how much time and effort you put into your week.

For group sprints, we will meet for 90 minutes on the first Sunday to plan and strategize your week. Then, Monday through Saturday, we will meet for no more than 15 minutes each day to check in on progress and offer any needed support and encouragement. And finally on Sunday, we will meet for another 90 minutes to share progress, celebrate accomplishments, and plan for your continued success in meeting your goals.

When are the monthly writing sprints? Group sprints will run

June 27 – July 3
July 18-25

If you would like to run a private sprint just for yourself or a sprint with a small pre-formed institutional group, we can decide on a week that works for you.

How much do the monthly sprints cost? Group sprints during the weeks listed above are $149 per person. If you prefer to sprint on your own, individual private sprints are $200 per person. Pre-formed or institutional groups will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

How do you register for a sprint week? Complete this form, and indicate which week (or weeks!) you commit to attending, and I will send you an invoice and pre-week materials.

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