For early career-faculty, there is no resource more precious than time. A unique benefit but significant risk associated with academic careers is the autonomy faculty have to allocate their own time. New faculty tend to find this aspect of their work equally exhilarating and intimidating. Agile Faculty is the strategic planning guide early career faculty will find invaluable and mid-career faculty never realized they needed! Rebecca Pope-Ruark adapts Agile project management strategies for use by faculty in their academic lives, helping them to set goals, manage their time, and achieve results. It is the best insurance against stress dreams and imposter syndrome I have seen and I recommend it to all of my colleagues seeking a proactive approach to managing their academic careers.” Dr. Bill Hart-Davidson, Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Graduate Education (College of Arts and Letters), Michigan State University

When Rebecca introduced me to the Agile method, it was a game changer. It has positively impacted my own productivity, and also the work of my research team. The practicality of how Rebecca applies Agile methodology to aspects of academic life and culture is both unique and refreshing.” Dr. Katie Linder, Research Director, Oregon State University Ecampus

Agile Faculty offers a rare thing: a fresh perspective on academic work. Pope-Ruark shares ideas both practical and inspiring, from sprints to scrum boards and the Zeigarnik Effect.  Faculty, staff, and students alike can benefit.” Dr. Bryan Alexander, author of The New Digital Storytelling


Building solutions that advance society requires us to flip our current engagement models on their head, whether it be how to execute research projects or teach courses. Taking a pragmatic approach, Pope-Ruark outlines steps that faculty members can use to incorporate principles of Agile development into their research, teaching, mentoring, and service commitments. Agile Faculty will be a refreshing read for scholars, whether they are entering the faculty ranks or are seasoned academics. I encourage you experiment with the concepts outlined in Agile Faculty.”—Dr. Kevin C. Desouza, Foundation Professor, Arizona State University

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