Beyond Burnout Small Group Coaching

“No one wants to burnout, but we’re all living like we are on fire.” – Brene Brown

I’m considering running a cohort in June-July. Fill out this form to indicate your interest so I can decide!

The last few years have been hard.

If you are burned out mentally, physically, and emotionally, you are NOT alone.

Even before the pandemic, academia had a culture that can easily result in burnout, compassion fatigue, cynicism, and an inability to find joy in our accomplishments.

But why do we buy in to this culture of productivity and expectation escalation? What if we stopped judging ourselves on how much we do and started valuing the process and relationships we build along the way? What if we only did the things that best aligned to our personal values and purposes?

I was a productive, respected, and tenured faculty member just a year away from promotion to full professor when I went through an extreme bout of burnout that changed the way I think about the work that I do and the way that I do it. It took vulnerability, strength, and connection to pull me through to the other side.

In this six-week Beyond Burnout small group coaching program*, I will share those insights and more to help you identify burnout, rediscover your values and purpose, live with compassion and connection, and create balance in your professional life, all in a safe environment with a small group of like-minded higher ed women.

Based on book Unraveling Faculty Burnout: Pathways to Reckoning and Renewal (Johns Hopkins 2022), the Beyond Burnout group coaching program is designed to bring together a small community of women higher ed professionals to identify key aspects of burnout and to support one another as we work through coaching activities and reflection opportunities.

Together, we will explore the following topics:
Week 1 Burnout: Naming It, Telling Your Story, and (Re)Defining Your Values
Week 2 Purpose: Distinguishing Your Reasons from Higher Ed’s, and Imagining a Path Forward
Week 3 Compassion: Being Human, and Allowing Others to Be Human Too
Week 4 Connection: Resisting the Urge to Isolate So You Can Reach Out and Find Your People
Week 5 Balance: Striving to Be Not Just Do
Week 6 Burnout Resilience: Living with Courage, Hope, and Resilience

By the end of our six weeks, you will walk away with a better understanding of burnout, deeper self-knowledge around your values and goals, greater confidence to ask for what you need to be well and successful in higher ed, and a community of peers sharing support and connection.

The Beyond Burnout group coaching program includes

  • six weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • weekly self-reflection opportunities based on that week’s theme
  • a 60-page program workbook with short readings, reflection prompts, activities designed to help you articulate your values, purpose, and goals as well as change habits associated with burnout.
  • one 60-minute one-on-one individual coaching session on the topic of your choice.

The six-week Beyond Burnout group coaching program – over 10 hours of coaching contact time – costs $499, payable in one or two installments. I’m currently considering running a cohort in June-July.

If you are interested in joining the cohort, please complete this brief form!

*Your privacy is very important to me. I am a certified coach thought the International Coaching Federation not a therapist or licensed mental health professional. This program should not be used to replace therapy or mental health care. The coaching contract each participant signs outlines the bounds of the coaching-coachee relationship.

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