Burnout Workshop and Coaching Package

New Institutional Package – one 60-minute burnout workshop plus up to 10 hours of private one-on-one coaching for faculty. $2000 for 5 coaching hours, $2500 for 10 coaching hours

Do you want to provide professional development for your faculty around issues of burnout, mental health, and well-being that is both practical and personal? Many faculty members want to learn more about burnout and explore their own well-being, but doing so in one group workshops can be not enough.

Consider my Workshop and Coaching Package. Included are one online, synchronous 60-minute burnout workshop with your choice of focus – purpose, compassion, connection, or balance – and a set number of one-on-one coaching sessions for individual faculty held via Zoom. The workshop will be scheduled at your convenience, and you chose how to allocate the sessions to faculty who express interest. These sessions would be private, without a report back to leadership, helping faculty to be comfortable sharing their experiences and concerns.

This package can be adapted for workshops of different lengths and different numbers of coaching sessions. To learn more about options and discuss your needs, please complete the form below to schedule a 30-minute introductory conversation.

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